Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Bukit Gambang Resort City & Water Park

Since aku nie suke la jugak berjalan2 and stay kat hotel (even though biasanye budget hotel...), so aku rasa aku bole la buat hotel/accommodation review...

As I mentioned in my last post, aku stayed kat studio room Carribean Bay Suites, Gambang Resort City. Room price is RM228nett per night including breakfast.

And these are all the pics yang aku sempat amik.....

Living Hall

Dining Hall and Pantry

My Room Layout

So, this is my review on - Carribean Bay Suites, Gambang Resort City:
  • Value for Money:                           *****
  • Location:                                       *****
  • Staff Performance:                         *****
  • Hotel Condition/Cleanliness:            *****
  • Room Comfort/Standard:                *****
  • Food/Dining (for Breakfast only):     *****
Average score: ***

What are advantages of Gambang Resort City?

They have a lot of activities to offer such as Jungle Farm, Jungle Trekking, Pony/Horse Ride, Horse Carriage, Paintball, ATV Fun Ride, Tram Ride.

The Resort is complete with following facilities: •Swimming Pool •Gymnasium •Karaoke Room & Box
•Arcade Games Room •Steambath •Amusement Rides •Funfair Stalls •Gift Shop •Retail Shop

The most advantage to Gambang Resort City, they have very exciting Water Park which located near to the suites. What I love about the water park beside the joyful recreation area are their CASHLESS system and touch-access locker.

Mula-mula tuh, aku hangin gak ngan cashless system nie sbb ingatkan not refundable and biasa la, conservative minded sikit.... tapi bila dah faham all the 'terms and conditions' nye, aku rasa ia lebih effective... you don't have to bring cash to purchase/rent items around water park area, just top-up your prepaid wristband (which is also entry ticket) at the top-up counter and you feel free... tak yah fikir nak bawak purse ke, handbag yang berat ker.... just your wristband yang sangat ringan itu...... so, bile kite beli/sewa, all transactions are automatically deducted from a prepaid wristband.

Ini la wristband yang dikatakan.....

Handbag yang berat (aku nye handbag memang sangat berat, hokay??!!! semua bende ade....) pula, bole la di letakkan ke dalam locker yang aku assessed sebagai locker yang canggih.... locker nie tak pakai duit syiling/token mahupun anak kunci.... your locker is accessible by special wristband (yang rupanye seperti jam tangan). You just touch the wristband at locker scanner, then your locker akan terbukak and ready to be used. This wristband also water resistant, so bermandi-manda la anda dengan gembira walaupun kunci locker bersama anda....!!!

Conclusionnye.... memang Best!!!

For further details on Bukit Gambang Resort City, kindly visit: http://www.bgrc.com.my/home.php

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